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      1. Welcome to Jiangsu Wan Tang Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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        Full automatic oven

        Suitable for all kinds of products baking, drying. Widely used in food, industry and so on.

        1, by oven main body, control cabinet, drawer composition

        2, double pitch roller chain and sprocket drive, no dead point, smooth operation.

        3. The insulation board is made of stainless steel, which is sanitary and clean. There is insulation material in the middle of the insulation board.

        4, tunnel drying, mesh belt running speed can be adjusted to adjust the drying time of products in the oven, and equipped with accurate temperature control device, easy to adjust

        5, three-layer conveyor belt, s-shaped operation drying, improve the drying efficiency

        6, temperature control visual automatic temperature control system, to make the temperature control more intuitive, more accurate parameters.

        7. Frequency conversion control speed.

        Customizable single, three or more layers. Welcome to call!

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