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      1. Welcome to Jiangsu Wan Tang Machinery Co., Ltd.!

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        Waffle production line

        Waffle production line

        The machine adopts stainless steel packaging, clean and sanitary, easy to clean. High degree of automation, a single operation, automatic temperature control (temperature size adjustable), automatic paste (note the amount of the paste can be arbitrary control), can be automatically gland (auxiliary pressure, prevent the pressure is not tight, won't cause uneven size, thickness), automatic up cover (at the bottom of the gland and double heating, gland heating parts, heavy, automatic cover can improve efficiency, reduce working intensity. Because the cover time is uniform, the heating time is the same: also can make the product color uniform, look better, improve the product market competition rate). This machine is composed of 30 upper and lower heating plates. The upper and lower heating plates are combined into a group. Each set of heating plates can be independently controlled.

        Heating mode: electric heating

        Molding machine dimensions: 2000*2000*1400mm

        Voltage: 380 v

        Power: 30 kw

        Output:50kg/ h

        Machine weight: 750kg

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